Ortley House

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Vintage Postcard – Ortley House

Ortley House

Ortley House
On the Beach at Second Avenue
Ortley Beach, N.J.  Tel: 201-793-8466
Efficiency Apartments and Cottages

A “Superchrome” Color Product by Bill Bard Associates Inc., Monticello, N.Y.
(c) 1966 by Bill Bard Associates

This lovely vintage postcard is unused. And when I say “lovely” I mean…well. It is an odd little card, isn’t it? The pool is right smack next to the parking lot. You’ve got some plaid old man swim trunks. A girl with bad posture on the diving board. The hotel is nothing special to look at, and the sign on the top…nice effort? I don’t know. The color of the sky and the color of the pool are nice, with the umbrellas adding a nice bit of color repetition as well.

Here’s a facebook page for you to check out.¬†Ortley House was hit by Superstorm Sandy one year ago. Here it is on 9/20/2010 (Google Earth):

Ortley House 2010

And here it is on 11/3/2012 (Google Earth):

Ortley Hotel 2012