Special Guest

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special guest

We had a special guest over the Fourth of July weekend. Kitten Pi, who has an injured hind leg, stayed with us and brought us all kinds of joy. When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, and he prefers to cuddle up close when he sleeps.

special guest
special guest

He’s gone on to another foster home until he’s ready for surgery. In the few days he was with us, he let me know that perhaps I can love another cat again. Pi is a special little soul, and we were lucky to have him as our special guest.

The summer is half over now, which seems incredible. I’m having a weird situation, where I have so many thoughts of so many things I’d like to do, I feel it is all overwhelming to the point where I should just go to bed. I’ve always had a list of the projects, ideas, things I want to learn about and do, but I’ve never before felt like it was all too much.

We are getting ready for our first of two in-person events at work since the pandemic. I haven’t been in a crowd in two years, so I expect this will feel a little uncomfortable.

The garden is looking pretty good. While June was exceptionally dry, we’ve had a bit of rain in July. We now have tiny tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants. The flowers look good, too.

Misc. Blatherings

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misc. blatherings postcards

Time for some misc. blatherings. Can you believe we’re nearing the end of August? I did finish a sewing project, an altar cloth, for Mom. It has some decorative stitching on it. Work is a bit stressful now. I’m trying to chill out, but you know how that goes. Most of the time, I wish I was home painting.

I have been doing a little bit of painting. I’m not counting these, above, in my official paintings, so they don’t have numbers. They are small, postcard sized, trying out some new paper and new techniques. Again, I figure it is fair to show the things that aren’t working out so well and not just the good ones. Cousin Marlene sent me a pack of vintage postcards, including this one of cacti. The piece one on the left is in watercolor on watercolor postcard stock. The one on the right was my first attempt with soft pastels on sanded paper. It’s obviously not good. But, I think maybe I like pastels? Last night I started a bigger one, of the boat on the water images I did with watercolor and ink in the previous post. I don’t quite have all of the right colors but I think it’s coming together anyway. I’ll post it when it is done. It seems you need a bigger size piece for pastels, especially the Terry Ludwig variety as they are chunky.

I belong to a large number of facebook art groups. So many in fact, they are taking up all of my feed and with a lot of crap. So I have taken to hiding a lot of the artists from the groups as if it isn’t inspiring or I just don’t like that kind of art, why look at it? And horse paintings? Automatic hide. I would guess horse paintings are the number one subject for people just starting out in art. Why? I don’t care how good it is, when you’re done with it, it’s still a freaking horse.

Such sweetness of a sleeping beast. I had last Thursday and Friday off work to join an online MSU gardening conference and Maxy sure enjoyed having company on the couch. He really misses Bob during the day.

We’re going through another round of 90 degree days, so summer hasn’t quite given up yet. It’s been humid, too. I’ve had two migraines in the past week, and headaches every other day. At least we did get rain last night so the garden was saved from certain death by dehydration.

Dumplin’ the Kitten

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Little Miss Dumplin’ was rough-housing with the kittens in the kitten room today, and fell. She landed funny, and I had to take her to the emergency vet.

kitten Dumplin'

She has a fractured rear right leg, right where the growth plate is. She got a shot of morphine which should provide pain relief for three days. We’re supposed to keep her on the down-low for a month and see what happens. It’s possible the other growth plate could compensate. Maybe she’ll have one really short leg. We won’t know until she grows up.

kitten Dumplin'

She’s such a brave, happy little kitten. Just look at that spotted belly!

Here’s a bonus shot from my garden this morning:


Maxy Cat

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I’m tired and ready for a break. It’s been a long few weeks, it seems. I can’t quite believe the solstice is Friday.

Been getting up early and using the time to play guitar. Getting in half an hour or more of practice each morning, and still arriving at work an hour early. Here’s my playlist:

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
Feelin’ Alright – Traffic
Walk of Life – Dire Straits
How Bizarre – OMC

and I’m working on Edwyn Collins’ A Girl Like You, which is challenging for me (possibly because it’s in a minor key?). I also have two James songs down and a few other assorted pieces. Maxy spends time with me as I practice. He’s either rubbing against my legs and sitting on my feet, or he’s in the guitar case:

maxy cat

Yesterday evening I had some extra time on my hands, so we went for a little walk before Bob got home. Maxy has a walking jacket (I got it here) and we’ve been going on walks since he was a young kitten. Cato also has a walking jacket, but she does not enjoy the walking experience. We’ve been rocking it ghetto-style with a rope tied to the jacket, but I do have a leash as well (it’s just not as long). The walking jackets we use are excellent. They’ve held up ten years now and are still in perfect shape. They are secure, easy to get on and off, and I guess fairly comfortable for the cat to wear. We tried a regular cat harness before we got the jackets, but both cats were able to break out of it within minutes of them being on. Maxy’s never managed to escape from this jacket. I highly recommend the HDW brand.

maxy in the sun

Our garden has four clumps of Walker’s Low nepeta (catmint). It grows like crazy in the sun and is lovely. Maxy got right in the middle of it and chowed down.

That’s about it for today.