Glass House Restaurant

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Vintage Postcard – Glass House Restaurant – Indiana Toll Road

Glass House Restaurant

The ultra-modern Glass House Restaurants along the Indiana East-West Toll Road, serve excellent food at all hours. The Glass House Restaurants feature a Coffee Shop, Dining Room, Gift Shop and Terrace Service.
The Indiana Toll Road, built at a cost of $280,000,000, travels for 156 miles through Northern Indiana.
Ektachrome by Brock

Curteichcolor Art-Creation REG. U.S. PAT. OFF.

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed from Fremont March 30, 1959 using a four-cent purple Lincoln stamp. It reads:

Hi Mother & Dad – 
Sorry to disappoint you for Easter, but guess Grandpa is in a bad state. The police called us to say he was being difficult & that he should be “locked up” or in a hospital. We are all enroute – just called the doctor & he has him in the hospital. Will call you when we return & have a belated Easter gathering.

It is written in pencil, and must have been difficult to write, I think.

The Glass House Restaurant, according to other postcard views found online, was built in 1956. “The 156-mile-long Indiana Toll Road sweeps through the rich farm lands of Northern Indiana and provides the fastest travel to the east.” Honestly, the inside of this place looks rather bleak. The outside holds some promise of a nice stop on the midwestern highway system, a chance to refuel your body and your spirit.

Wikipedia notes “Originally, there were eight pairs of travel plazas located approximately every 18 miles. Of these, five featured sit-down restaurants operated by Hosts International while the other three had only snack bars.” I’m pretty sure this place was the stop in Fremont. All the original toll road stops were demolished in 2015 and are being rebuilt, unfortunately into the hideous travel court and filling stations known throughout the rest of the country.

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Vintage Postcard – Teibel’s – Schereville, Indiana


The Ideal Family Restaurant
Famous for Fried Chicken, Steak and Perch
Banquet Facilities
On U.S. Highways 30 & 41 Schereville, Indiana
(Only 25 Miles South of Chicago’s Loop)
Phone Area Code 219   865-6161

Bastagne Photographers, 658 W. 129th Place, Chicago 28, Ill.

This gorgeous card is unused. It came from the giant estate sale box my mom got for me. You’ll be happy to know that Teibel’s is still open for business! It opened in 1929, and has been serving continuously since (though they have renovated and added to the original business). It gets great reviews and the menu looks amazing. Check out photos and more details on RoadFood and give it a try if you’re in the area. If you’ve been there, comment and let us know how it was!

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