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In 2020, I decided that I would take up painting with acrylics. Thought it could work a different part of my brain. I have started my first painting, which is based on a photograph I took of a sunrise at the shelter. It’s not quite done yet, but it is coming closer.

If you know you will be sending international mail over the next year (say, you write holiday greeting cards on behalf of the homeless cats in the Humane Society shelter, and those cats have an international following), you’ll want to note that some postal rates including international stamps go up in price on January 26. First class forever stamps are unaffected. It’s only 5 cents a stamp, and I’m happy to support USPS. February is International Correspondence Writing Month – InCoWriMo. So hopefully friends and family will receive some snail mail. I’m not committing to a letter every day, but hopefully those with whom I regularly send letters will receive one during the month.

So far, we’ve had a little bit of snow in November, December, and January but lots of more reasonable temperatures in between. I know a lot of people don’t like the freeze/thaw cycle, but I find it nice to have snow and cold and then have it all go away. I can’t personally do much to change the weather anyhow, so I might as well enjoy it when I can. I am not quite counting down the days until spring, but I am looking forward to the day the sun rises before 8:00am.

InCoWriMo 2017

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InCoWriMo 2017

This February is International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo 2017. It’s one letter written, every day (see the details here). In January I planned to write a letter every day and only missed three days, so I thought I would join the international efforts and continue on in February. If all goes well, I will likely keep it going forward. I do a lot of handwritten thank you notes for work, and find the process relaxing. Nothing like getting a cup of coffee, a pen, nice paper and sitting down to share life.

InCoWriMo 2017

Now, I do have friends and family I write to on a somewhat regular basis. But perhaps it’s weird for them to get so many letters, and might put pressure on them to feel like they need to write back (they don’t need to!), so I picked up a few addresses for other people who are participating in InCoWriMo 2017 and am sending them letters, too including a few overseas. I’m also not limiting myself to just regular people. I’ve sent letters to my representatives, and this week penned one to the US Postmaster General (incidentally, the first ever female Postmaster General, the Honorable Megan Brennan).


I also find that writing lots of letters is a good way to use up my collection of letter-writing paraphernalia. I have a nice collection of fountain pens and ink (check out Goulet Pens), stationery and washi tape. I have a seal and glue-gun sealing wax (if you are interested, this is a great place to order from…love them!).


If you aren’t up for doing a letter every day, you should still take the opportunity to sit down and write one or two this month. There is something nice about the old-fashioned type of social media. And wouldn’t one of your loved ones enjoy opening the mailbox and getting something more than just bills and junk mail?