Dixie Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Dixie Motel – Adel, Georgia

Dixie Motel

Dixie Motel
“New Comfort in the Old South”
U.S. 41, South Side, Adel, Georgia
24 Miles North of Valdosta
40 Miles North of Florida Line
20 New Modern Fire Proof Brick Units – Central Heat – Air-Conditioned – Restaurant Adjacent – SWIMMING POOL. Telephone 7761. Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Smith, Owners.

Genuine Natural Color Made By DEXTER PRESS, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.
Pub. by Dexter Photo Service,
169 Madison Avenue, Daytona Beach, Fla.

This lovely vintage postcard features both the AAA and Superior Motels logo. It was mailed from Cordele April 9, 1959 using a purple three-cent liberty stamp to Mrs. G. F. Mullins, 10 Louise Avenue, Highland Park, Michigan. It reads:

April 8th
Hi Folks. This is where we are tonight, on our way home, drove 459 miles today, weather was very hot. We are both tired Walter is taking his shower, then I will. See you Soon. Love, Louise & Walter.

I couldn’t find any listing for a motel that matched in the Adel, Georgia area.

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Kin’s Restaurant

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Vintage Postcard – Kin’s Restaurant – Chatsworth Georgia


Kin’s Restaurant
Chatsworth, Georgia
Unexcelled Food — Welcome dressed as you are.
Known from Bay City, Michigan to Florida Keys.
Highway 411 South at Chief Vann Motel, near
Fort Mountain State Park.
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. (Kin) Keeter
Owners – Managers

A Natural Color Card by W. M. Cino Co., Chattanooga, Tennesee

This lovely vintage card, another one from the mega-estate sale box my mom picked up, was mailed using a three cent purple liberty stamp January 16, 1959. It reads:

Thursday 1-15-59
Hi Folks
We are on our way, rained all day long, traveled mt all day, just got through eating dinner at this place, going on to Atlanta in A.M, hope weather is better tomorrow will write again later, our address 1001 N Federal Lakeworth Fla. Love Lou & Walt

Yes, the punctuation is a bit off on that one. The address is Lake Worth is now a condo block, fairly new construction. The Chief Vann Motel has been torn down (the old sign is still visible on Google Street View). There is a building there that could be Kin’s, but it is so changed it’s really difficult to tell.



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Midway Motel Savannah Georgia

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Vintage Postcard – Midway Motel

Midway Motel

Midway Motel
U.S. Highway 17, 30 Miles South of Savannah, Ga.
Near Historic Midway Church
24 Modern Brick, Fireproof, Soundproof Units, Fully Carpeted. 100% Air Conditioned. Tile Baths, Hot Water Heat. T.V. in Some Rooms. Beautifully Landscaped Grounds. Restaurant.
Telephone 884-5416 – P.O. Box 69, Midway, Ga.
Mrs. Merle Caswell, Mgr.

Carroll Burke Photography, Savannah, Georgia


Aside from the interesting choice of capitalization, the “selling points” they chose seem a bit questionable to me. Calling out fireproofing and soundproofing…perhaps it’s a really high crime area around the motel. TV in some rooms. Huh.

This vintage postcard was mailed using a purple four cent Lincoln stamp, postmarked Midway GA April 14, 1967. It was mailed to Mrs. Mary Robbins, 231 Washington Street, Riverside, New Jersey, Burlington County. You know they say that some new should be delivered in person? Not Marion and Al. They send their news via postcard:

Dad passed away Wed April 5th – ill with 3 nurses daily for 31 days – I will write details when I get home – 6 [unintelligible] way Louie – Will be up later Love Marion & Al.

Anyhow, it looks like the Midway is still in business:

From their website “All of our rooms are pet-friendly and have microwaves and refrigerators for your convenience. We also offer free internet service and local calls. Our courteous and friendly staff will be glad to attend to your needs. Customer satisfaction is what our name stands for.”