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Yesterday was 41 and sunny, a day with clear, perfect blue sky and the hint of spring to come. Today, and for the next ten days according to every forecast I’ve read, we’re in for clouds, cold and snow. Looking on the positive side, this time of year is excellent to get cozy with a cat and catch up on some reading (only 33 days until the official start of spring!). Bob heard a great bit on NPR the other day and purchased Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff for me (what a sweet husband I have!).

Book - Detroit: An American Autopsy

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Just starting to read it, I realized that I have been following Mr. LeDuff’s writings in the Detroit News for years now. He starts right out with the tale of a body found, half-frozen in a block of ice in the bottom of an elevator shaft in the Roosevelt Warehouse. Mr. LeDuff’s writing style pulls you in and makes you feel you are there with him in Detroit. It’s captivating reading so far.

I’ve been on another run of Daphne du Maurier’s novels lately. I just finished Jamaica Inn, which ended with a bit of a twist, and a collection of her short stories entitled Don’t Look Now. All of her tales leave me thinking of them days after I’ve finished the final page; the stories infect my thoughts and make me feel half-caught between the real world and her fictional places and times.

In other news, Maxy-cat went to see Dr. Ron Tuesday evening.

Maxy Cat

He has been limping a bit off and on. We suspected it was from an old injury. Dr. Ron took a bunch of xrays, and ultimately determined it to be arthritis in the joints in his left front paw. He is on a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory to see if that helps. Poor baby.

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