Catalina Foothills Lodge

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Vintage Postcard – Catalina Foothills Lodge

Catalina Foothills Lodge

Catalina Foothills Lodge
5250 No. Oracle Road, Tucson, Arizona
Located in the Oracle Foothills Estates
This is a scene showing some of our 50 completely furnished apartments.

Pub. by Phoenix Specialty Adv. Co., 2605 W. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona

Genuine Natural Color Made by Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.

This lovely vintage postcard is unused.

Digging up some history, it looks like the business behind Catalina Foothills Lodge was founded in 1946. Currently the place is listed under apartments with 64 units. It has no website. When I call the phone number (520.887.4711) no one picks up but there is an answering machine that says I’ve reached the Catalina Foothills Lodge. I didn’t leave a message.

The buildings are still standing:

catalina foothills lodge now


Guess what?! We have a fantastic update (with photos!) from Nancy Bernard, who notes the place is ‘magic’. She has all kinds of wildlife visit her, including javelinas. She said “it’s not much different than what’s depicted on the vintage postcard except that the palm trees are about 30 feet tall and the front yards of the casitas have cacti (all sorts, and large) and no lawns.”

Photo courtesy Nancy Bernard

Photo courtesy Nancy Bernard

Photo courtesy Nancy Bernard

Photo courtesy Nancy Bernard

I honestly think the place looks magic, too. I’d love to visit. Nancy, thank you SO much for the update and pictures!

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