Cat Solarium

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

The cat solarium at the shelter is open, and the cats LOVE it. It’s so nice, to see the thing I’ve been dreaming about for four years, become a reality.

It’s a four-seasons room (complete with heat and air conditioning), glass on three sides. It cost $50,000 and dare I say, was worth every penny. I started dreaming about a cat solarium when I first hired on at the shelter, after sponsoring a feline at Tabby’s Place. The Tabby’s Place sanctuary is amazing, and I loved their cat solarium concept. We raised the funding through foundation support and private donors, and it is finally finished. I only wish Ridge and some of the other cats could have enjoyed it while they were at the shelter. Really, Ridge has been my inspiration for so much of what I’ve accomplished at work.


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