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Vintage Postcard – Sheraton Daytona Beach Motor Inn


Sheraton Daytona Beach Motor Inn
839 South Atlantic Avenue (A1A)
Ormond, Daytona Beach, Florida
Phone: (904) 677-6600
For Carefree Life Directly On The Beach”

Hannau-Robinson Color Productions, Inc., 475 5th Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10017

This lovely postcard is unsent. Unfortunately, the Sheraton Daytona Beach seems to no longer exist. The Daytona Beach Morning Journal has been scanned through Google and has a nice old ad for this Sheraton. The ad has a much longer description, too: “Always free parking and family plan. Rooms are spacious, air-conditioned, with free TV. For recreation, guests enjoy shuffleboard, ping-pong, swimming in either the large or kiddie pool. Tennis and golf privileges, too. The Open Hearth Restaurant serves magnificent meals. The Devil’s Den Lounge provides relaxation amid unusual surroundings. Ample facilities for business meetings.”

Yeah…relaxation amid unusual surroundings. That’s awesome.

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