Cadillac Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Cadillac Motel

Cadillac Motel

Cadillac Motel Apartments
3101 Bayshore Drive    On the Beach
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Overlooking the Ocean…Beautiful Studio and One Bedroom Apartments…Hotel Rooms…Daily Maid Service…Color Television…Central Steam Heat…Air Conditioned…Shuffleboard, Fresh Water Swimming Pool…Room Phones
Owner Management
Telephone (305) 523-0568 [the last bit crossed out and written below 467-0568]

Published by Bill Bennett Studios, Box 352, Hollywood, Fla. 33022

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed with an 8 cent Eisenhower USA stamp along with a one cent green Thomas Jefferson stamp, postmarked Fort Lauderdale January 28, 1976. It was mailed to Ms Catherine Robbins, 231 Washington Street, Riverside, N.J. 08075. It reads:

Thank you for your card. Weather a little chilly right now but better than ice & snow. Doing great with my contact. (Fran)
Be back April 1st, wish we could all get together. Love Frances & Howard

Unfortunately, 3101 seems to have been replaced by a large condo unit. There still are a couple of other nice little motels on the street, though.

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