Cactus Motel Miami

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Vintage Postcard – Cactus Motel Miami

Cactus Motel Miami

Cactus Motel
(Air Conditioned)
875 S. W. 8th Street, on Tamiami Trail Route No. 41, Downtown, Miami, Florida. One of the newest and finest Miami Motels. Modern in every way — Motel Rooms — Efficiencies — Heated — Cross Ventilation — Parking at the door — Large Patio for your relaxation — Fresh Water Swimming Pool — Close to all Activities — T.V. — Bathing — Fishing — Phone FRanklin 3-5060.

Genuine Natural Color Made By Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.
Pub. and Photographed exclusively by Valence Color Publishers,
757 N.E. 79th St., Miami, Florida

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed using a three cent purple liberty stamp from Miami on February 8, 1958. It was mailed to Mrs. George H. Holmes – 14 Bay View Road – Pinehurst Beach, Wareham, Massachusetts. It reads:

Thanks for the nice greeting card – Down here for a few days to visit Dave’s Brother that is in the hospital – We’ll write a letter when we get home.
Love D&E. A&Z.

There are some other great versions of this card online from the same timeframe. Just look at the lovely old place. Pool in the middle of hte parking lot. Motel name emblazened upon the life ring. Gentleman posing for a sporty dive into the deep end. A single half-floating head. I love everything about it. Unfortunately, it looks like the place is long gone.

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