Buttercup Bag…pattern lessons

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Okay, I spent more time with the buttercup bag last night, and I’ve already realized I need to alter the pattern. I’m going to take this one apart to get the magnetic snap back and scrap the fabric…good thing I didn’t spend much on it with my JoAnn’s coupon.

First, the pattern called for the whole outside to be in one fabric. Because of the pattern I chose and not being able to match it well, I changed the top part to the dark brown of the lining. The pattern also called for the strap to be attached to the outside of the bag, but I’m going to put the next one in between the outer bag and lining as it causes it to hang better. I think I’m going to do a box pleat in the center and the outside pleats to go away from that instead of having all of them go in the same direction.

Mostly, the fabric I chose was much too thin to hold shape without interfacing. I believe on the next one I will interface at least the strap and that top part of the bag, and use maybe a quilting-type of sew-in interfacing on the bottom part of the bag to give it more substance. It could really use a zipper if you wanted to make the bag slightly bigger, and the handle needs to be longer if you want it to go over the shoulder.

Working on this project makes me think I could probably draft my own pattern for a bag and have it come out okay. Something I will likely play with after the holidays. I still need to eventually get back to my wrap dress…holiday greeting cards, making gifts, baking for Thanksgiving and the winter solstice and I’m realizing I’m already running out of time!

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