Binion’s Horseshoe Club

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Binion’s Horseshoe Club

binion's horseshoe casino

Binion’s Horseshoe Club
Downtown Las Vegas
The ‘Bright Spot’ on the world’s brightest 2 blocks, features the most unique display seen anywhere; $1,000,000.00 in cash. One hundred $10,000 bills encased in an 8 foot golden horseshoe. Long famed for ‘Fast Action’, the new beautiful Horseshoe Hotel and Casino is now considered the “Showplace of Casino Center.” The popular new Sombrero Room features the most authentic Mexican food in Las Vegas.

This postcard is a real photo printed on postcard stock on the back (Kodak Paper). It is postally unused. And that cute couple in the middle? That’s my Mom and Dad! Mom guessed this photo to be very late 70s, possibly 1980.

Of course, Binion’s is still in operation downtown Las Vegas. My folks stayed at the Dunes, but the million dollars was a heck of a photo opportunity back then. According to Wikipedia, “the casino is named for its founder,┬áBenny Binion, whose family ran it from its founding in 1951 until 2004. The hotel, which has 366 rooms, closed in 2009.”

This photo is from our trip to Las Vegas in November of 2007:

Binion's Las Vegas

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