Beachcomber Club

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Vintage Postcard – Beachcomber Club – Naples Florida

beachcomber club

Naples-on-the-Gulf, Florida
68 units – air conditioned – heated – bedrooms, efficiencies, suites – room television – individual telephones – daily maid service – heated filtered swimming pool – beautifully landscaped patios.

Photo by Tom Mc Grath
Produced by ADesigns – Naples, Fla.

This lovely card is unsent and I have no real idea on the date. It appears the beautiful sky was separate and added to the back of the cut-out motel and trees into a single image.

I, for one, would love to be a member of the Beachcomber Club. When I was quite young, the next-door neighbors and I had a Cat Club, and Tony painted up a special logo rock for us that was red and blue epoxy paint, with simply the word “Meow” on it. Now, we didn’t have a cat between the two households. But the ladies down the street all had cats and we sometimes cat-sat when they went on vacation. But a club where you simply strolled the beach, looking for…I don’t know. What do you comb a beach looking for? Shells? Sounds like my sort of activity.

Here’s another postcard view of it. Unfortunately, it no longer seems to exist.

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