Beach Motel

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Beach Motel

419 Coronado Drive
Clearwater Beach, Florida

Beach Motel retro postcard
Beach Motel
419 Coronado Drive  Phone 34-7963 [phone number is crossed out with green ink pen Р38-6923 written above] Clearwater Beach, Florida
On the Gulf of Mexico – South of the Causeway
Ultra-modern efficiency apartments and over-nite rooms. Air-conditioned. Heated. Off-street parking. Radio. Television. Walking distance to beach, to bay, to fishing cruisers, restaurants and shopping areas.
Your Hosts: Doris and Blake Pearsall

Color Card by Ward Beckett – Clearwater, Fla.

There is a motel at the address currently, but I’ll be honest…it doesn’t seem to look much like this particular motel. At all. I also can’t find anything on Doris or Blake Pearsall. Rather disappointing overall, don’t you think? I especially enjoy the painted murals on the front walls and the old neon sign. Can you imagine yourself, relaxing in a lounge chair, overlooking the parking lot?

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