Bahia Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Bahia Motel – Anaheim, California

Bahia Motel

Bahia Motel
821-823 South Beach Boulevard
(on Highway 39, 1 Block No. of Ball Rd.)
Anaheim, California
(714) 527-8432
The BAHIA MOTEL is the last word in Luxury and Convenience. Air Conditioning, TV, Thermostatically Controlled Heat, Heated Pool, Kitchen Units, Adjacent Restaurants and Recreation Room. Minutes to Disneyland, Movieland Wax Museum, Marineland and the Beach. Family Accommodations.

Kolor View  *  Los Angeles California  * Bradshaw 2-8615

This card is postally unused. The Tiki Room has a post on this fantastic motel, and notes that it became the Razzmatazz. It’s now the Covered Wagon. From Google Street View:


The motel is listed with 70 rooms, built in 1961. It may be closed now…there are some notes that it is currently being remodeled. We can only hope the owners work to restore it to its mid-century glorious tiki self.

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