Bahama Princess Resort & Casino

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Vintage Postcard – The Bahama Princess

Bahama Princess

The Bahamas Princess Tower
Freeport, Bahamas

Photo by B.J. (Chris) Lothian
Ernie’s Studio & Camera Center, Ltd., Freeport, Grand Bahama, W.I.

So, here’s the backstory on this one. Mom and Dad went to the Bahama Princess (and stayed in the Country Club) when my sister and I were quite young (pre-1980?). Years later, they took us there on vacation (we stayed at the Tower). The Bahamas Princess Resort and Casino was a phenomenal place, sitting on 1,000 acres with pools and a casino. It was right next to the International Bazaar.

The Princess resort was built sometime in the 1970s and was a pretty big deal. It was still in great shape when we last visited. Bob and I were talking about going on vacation recently, and I was looking at deals in the Bahamas. I thought, heck, I’ll check out the Princess to see what’s changed there! But when I looked, there simply was no Bahama Princess listed.

Sometime after we last visited, the Princess Towers became Bahamia Royal Oasis Resort, owned by Driftwood Properties (it seems the country club became the Sunspree Holiday Inn around that same time). As late as the year 2000, the Resorts at Bahamia was still in business. But things changed, and several tropical storms/hurricanes hit the Bahamas. The business closed down.

In 2007, the Royal Oasis Resort was purchased by Harcourt Development Group for $33 million. They had plans to transform the site into the Crowne Plaza Golf Resort and Casino at the Royal Oasis. Then the financial meltdown of 2008 happened. The Crowne didn’t open.

Closed and abandoned for so many years,  on September 23, 2010 a fire broke out at the Towers on the 7th floor:

I have sent an email to Harcourt Development Group, inquiring as to the status of this lovely resort, and hope to hear that it’s only a short time before it opens, new and improved. Next time I’m at my parents’ house, I’ll have to dig up the old photos!

Updates on the Princess here.

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