Bahama Princess Resort & Casino – Home Photos!

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Bahama Princess Resort & Casino

Some time ago, I posted a lovely vintage postcard featuring the Bahama Princess Resort & Casino (click here to see original post). My family vacationed there; I recently dug up some photos from maybe 1991.

Casino view:

bahama princess casino

Princess Tower:

bahama princess tower

View from our room in the Princess Tower:

bahama princess tower view

The International Bazaar:


This article in the Freeport News (autumn 2013) discusses the International Bazaar, which is currently up for sale. The location has 85 retail stalls.

As of this morning, Harcourt Developments is still listing the Royal Oasis like it’s a fully functioning, open business. I have again emailed them to see if they can provide an update on the development, as there is no news as of January 2013. I will update as information is available.

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