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Yes, indeed. Have asthma? Smoke up, Johnny. From Wikipedia:

Asthmador was a nonpresciption treatment for the relief of bronchial asthma made by the R. Schiffmann Company. It consisted of a mixture of belladonna, stramonium and potassium perchlorate, and was a fine powder intended to be burnt and the smoke inhaled. The primary alkaloid present in the mixture was hyoscyamine, and when the powder was ingested rather than burnt, could be used to induce hallucinations.

I enjoyed this short story in My Bathroom Biography about an experience with Asthmador. Here’s another cautionary tale as well (“I learned an invaluable lesson in drug experimentation that would stay with me for life: never go first.”). It’s not available today, so you missed your chance at it if you weren’t of age in the 60s or earlier.


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