April Update

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April Update folded sleeves

As I haven’t posted since last month, it is more than time for an April Update. Things have been scattered since March. I’m hoping everything will settle out once the warm weather comes and stays. We will have a few days of lovely warm spring weather, then it gets cold again. We’ve had a freeze warning the past two days. Anyhow, the month started out with the moss terrarium class. As you might remember, I offered a private class as part of a package for last year’s Humane Society silent auction. The day came when I actually had to teach the class. The folded sleeves above were given to each of the participants. They were made from vintage children’s book pages, washi tape and stickers and included a small description of each moss in the terrarium as well as a page about moss and how to care for the terrarium.

April Update moss terrarium class

I’d teach a class like that again, but I wouldn’t do it in someone’s home. I feel more comfortable at my Mom’s church or ideally if I had a studio space.

Zine Update

April Update collage zine

I did manage to get one zine done in April. I have an idea for the next one, but not sure I will have time to work on it. Collage for Motivation and the Star Trek zine are now up on my Etsy. I’ve had a good month of zine sales as well, which is nice.

Slow Stitch Meditation Rolls

April Update slow stitch meditation roll

The weather has been too cold for outdoor work. I started on a new project, slow stitch meditation rolls. The idea is the slow stitching itself is a meditation for you, and when you gift them the roll becomes a meditation tool for the recipient. They can look at the individual bits of fabric scrap and the different stitches, and run their fingers over the different ways the fabrics feel. These scrolls would be especially helpful for someone with anxiety or dementia.

The scrolls are created using fabric scrap. For the first one I did, I purchased vintage fabric scraps from Etsy. I’ve also purchased vintage trim and lace for upcoming scrolls. However, if you have your own scrap at home, especially if it was meaningful, that would be especially nice. If I could go back in time and save scraps, these are some of the fabric pieces I wish I had in my collection:

  • the yellow and white gingham curtains in my bedroom on Winston
  • a piece of fabric from one of Hudda’s house dresses
  • a bit of my favorite skirt from junior high, purchased from Mervyn’s
  • a bit of the red upholstery fabric from Grandma and Grandpa’s couch at Long Blvd.
  • some of the orange curtains that covered the doors up north in Ocqueoc
  • a piece of the turquoise Camp Merrie Wood tshirt I wore at Girl Scout Camp

What are some pieces of fabric from your memory that you’d like in your own meditation scroll? Share in the comments below.

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