Another Monday – MLK Day

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Goodness, I wish it was still the weekend. Why are the workweeks so terribly long, and the two good days at home with Bob so terribly short?

Last Friday, the sunrise/set was 8:08/5:31. Today, it is 8:07/5:34. Add another four minutes of daylight and another day closer to spring. It was bitterly cold over the weekend, but it is supposed to be a bit warmer today. I can handle a few days of horrid cold and snow, followed by a few days of warmer and sun.

I have been keeping up with my resolutions as well (three sessions cardio, three sessions yoga, three sessions meditation, three sessions hobby per week). I am still having great difficulty getting in the zone for the meditation.

Started sewing the wrap dress last night. I think I am going to have a problem with the bodice; when I adjusted for the length, I didn’t move the pleats in the pattern. I have completed up through step 5, out of a total of 35 to complete the dress. The pleats are in, the ties are done and attached. Next is putting the bodice back and fronts together.

I may take a night off this one to do that other skirt, though. It’s basically a one-hour sew on it and I’d like to wear it on Wednesday for my tour and meeting with the new director from Kalamazoo.

I am trying to work with adjusting patterns. Beverly sent me a delightful vintage dress pattern, and it will need some alterations to get it to work (as do all vintage patterns; even the “retro” patterns the companies are re-releasing now need alteration to get them true to the original vision). I have some nice dress pattern paper that is going to come in handy for this one:

I often read that what you should really be doing with your life is that which fills your thoughts when you are meant to be working. Now, if only I could figure out how to make money that way! I fill my calendar at work with meetings and projects and I believe I am good at what I do. It just takes so much out of me to do it, and I feel (like I do with my cardio activities) a great loathing and resentment when it comes time to do it all. Ugh.

I miss my Grandma. I wish she was here to chat with about sewing, and winter, and the birds. I just miss her terribly.

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