Angel and Halo

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At 10:37 am Wednesday, July 25 a white male with facial hair, tan cargo shorts, blue tank top, and a camouflage baseball hat dropped off three kittens in our parking lot. After dropping the kittens in the lot, he got back into his dark blue or black, extended cab pick-up truck, small sized like a S-10. The pickup had a riding lawn mower in the back. As the kittens were running loose and were darting around under his truck before he left, this gentleman ran over one of them, killing it instantly. He left; Humane Society staff members had to go outside and pick the kitten’s lifeless body up off the hot pavement.

The other two kittens both had terrible hernias, probably due to the mother cat’s over-zealous work on their umbilical cords at birth (they are approximately 13 weeks old). We have not seen such bad hernias; their intestines were completely prolapsed out of the abdominal wall. We were not sure of the condition of the abdominal wall behind the herniated area, or if there would be enough muscle to close over the intestines after surgery.

Halo and Angel survived their surgery. They spent a little time in a foster home with my friend Diane, and have today returned to the shelter. Hopefully someone will hear their story and fall in love.

This is what Diane said about them: Both of the kittens are doing great and have quickly adjusted! They lived here with 3 dogs and another cat, easily fitting in with all of the crew. Both have curious, outgoing and friendly personalities, and eager to be where the action is! It’s amusing to find what entertainment they find for themselves…this morning a dixie cup on the floor kept them busy for an hour! They are a delight to have around and will surely be missed when they get adopted.

Halo is the female calico and Angel is the black and white male.

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