A Day at the Greenhouses

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Spring Planting in Michigan

Tuesday, I took a day off work and Mom and I went to the greenhouses for our annual trip. First, we hit River Street Flowerland.

River Street Flowerland

Just walking through there will bring happiness to your soul. Gentle music, gentle breeze, amazing flowers. They tend to have more of the unusual things. I had a list from my Fine Gardening magazine and didn’t get anything on it, but did not walk out empty handed.

River Street Flowerland
Next, we went to K Drive Greenhouse. Mom sells certificates through the Battle Creek Youth Orchestra, so I had two flats and a hanging basket to find.

K Drive Greenhouse

After we finished the greenhouses, we stopped at Station 66 for lunch (followed by ice cream).

When I got home, I was only going to really place the pots in the locations I wanted, but I wound up planting every single thing. It was a lot of work, but I didn’t know how the weather would be over the weekend as it is supposed to rain and be quite a bit colder.

Anyhow, the pots along the front are done (no impatiens this year). It’s a little sparse, but it should fill in.

I went a little easy with all the pots this year on the front porch. I may add one or two depending on how everything turns out, but it was time to change things up a little.

I did the marigolds again long the yard. I’ve added a blanket flower, lilac, two black eyed susans, two fairy pines and some annuals. Most everything is coming back in really well.


Everything seems really lush and green this year. Whatever is making the mosquitoes do so well is also doing wonders for the plants.


This year I’m doing three grafted tomatoes (heirloom grafted onto stronger hybrids) and two pots of radishes.

There’s a chance of frost this weekend so I may have to cover all of it. I’m glad it’s all in though. Looking forward to watching it all grow throughout the summer.

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