65th Wedding Anniversary

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I am a bit behind on posting. It’s been hot (four days of temps above 100) and I’ve been tired. No rain since sometime in May.

Bob and Iris celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on June 28. The whole family went out to dinner at Zooroona in Kalamazoo.

Iris Young and Robert Gilbert were married June 28, 1947 in Battle Creek, Michigan. They have two children: Cindy (Mahmoud) Fadel and Bob (Jessica) Gilbert Jr, and one grandchild, Hassan Fadel.
Iris worked for the Grand Leader, Hannah’s Cement and as executive secretary for the March of Dimes. Bob served in the Navy during WWII, worked for Kellogg Co. and retired from Sears after 36 years.
Bob and Iris met as teenagers at the Palais roller rink in Battle Creek. They were married Battle Creek and briefly lived in Albuquerque, NM before settling in Battle Creek to raise their family.
“I have always valued having such great parents, but as I got older and had a child of my own, I was prepared to pass along this loving and nurturing parenting to my own son. It has been one of my greatest joys to see my son grow up near and close to his grandparents. The gifts our son received from his “Nana and Da” was a gift that could have NOT have been given by anyone else,” said Cindy.
As your son I’ve been the direct beneficiary of your steady love and commitment to each other and your family. The upbringing you provided gave me the freedom to be my own person yet offered a constant reminder that honesty, integrity, compassion for
others and a sense of fairness are the most important measures of a man. Your marriage taught me that the love of family and a trusted spouse are essential ingredients to a happy life. Thank you both for all your love and support throughout the years! – Bob Jr

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