Travelers Motel Mackinaw

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Vintage Postcard – Travelers Motel Mackinaw

travelers motel mackinaw

Located on U.S. 23, 1 block east of intersection of U.S. 31, U.S. 23 and I-75 at approach to Mackinac Bridge along Lake Huron.
30 fully carpeted units with T.V., showers and tubs. Private sandy beach. Shuffleboard. Near shops and restaurants and Mackinac Island Ferry.
The Place to Stay when in Mackinaw City 49701
P.O. Box 496 — Phone: Area 616 HEmlock 6-5539
Your Host – Alfonso Lieghio

Pub. by Leon Foster, 221 No. Fifth St., Blanchard, Mich. 49310
Made by Dexter Press, Inc.
West Nyack, New York

This lovely vintage postcard is unsent.

Last week had us feeling like summer here in Michigan. With a few days in the 60s, you could almost imagine that we were past spring break and getting ready to think about our summer plans. Of course, reality returned and it is after all just the very start of March. We still have 18 days left until winter is officially over.

Are you already making your summer plans to head up north? Of course you are. And what better place to stay than the Traveler’s Motel (much better than traveler’s diarrhea). Sit yourself in a lawn chair out by the sign (and the road) and watch the world pass you buy. It’s, as the card says, The Place to Stay when in Mackinaw City. And it has a lovely sign…bet that arrow lights up with neon.

The Travelers Motel was purchased by the Lieghio family (mother Isabella “Lisa”, father Giuseppe “Joe” and son Alfonso “Tony”) in 1964. Lisa passed away in 2013 (obituary here). There have been a few lawsuits regarding the property over the years. It exists now as Tony’s Travelers Motel, aka the Clarion Hotel Beachfront at 905 S Huron Ave. However it looks nothing like it and I’m not entirely sure the original building still stands.

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National Crochet Month 2017

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It is National Crochet Month 2017. I’ve been working on crocheting simple washcloths to pair with specialty soap for the Women’s Co-Op auction coming up. My last full project was a lap blanket for a Christmas gift. I’ve been working on a lot of other stuff that has taken my attention from crocheting. This would seem to be a good time to make some plans.


In the past, I have had a number of projects on tap for National Crochet Month 2017 but I never seem to accomplish much. I’m still part way through the sweater I started a year ago and really should drag that back out. I had a fun project in mind for a gift, but just haven’t gotten around to working on it. This is the month! A few more washcloths. Finish the sweater. Fun vintage project.


I have picked up a collection of 29 cent vintage crochet pamphlets that have all kinds of ideas in them. Wouldn’t you just love to sink your toes into this flowered bath mat?


Here’s the plan:

March 1 – 5: organize current yarn stash and catalog, finish remaining auction washcloths.

March 6 – 12: Work on sweater

March 13 – 19: Start and finish special vintage-inspired project

March 20 – 26: Work on sweater

March 27 – 31: Finish sweater, identify pattern for lightweight crochet shell or cardigan to work on next

Are you planning anything fun for National Crochet Month 2017?

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Seaside Resort Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Seaside Resort Motel – Lauderdale by the Sea

seaside resort motel

4605 Ocean Drive
Phone 772-4328   Area Code 305
Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida 33308
Bill & Ellen Olive, Owner-Managers
Modern and spacious efficiencies, apartments and hotel rooms. Air conditioning, heat, T.V. and phones in each room. Sauna bath. One short block to ocean, shopping center, restaurant and recreation center. Short walk to fishing pier.

Tom Neal Color Cards, P.O. Box 13, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33302

This lovely vintage postcard is unused. Doesn’t it have everything, though? Breeze block half wall. The iron railings appear to be quite decorative. And are those ornamental birds on the walls? The color appears to be a very light pink, and as you know, my heart is gone for a pink motel. To go back in time and stay at the Seaside Resort. To sit under that umbrella in the courtyard sectioned off by the breeze block and to hear the wind moving the palm fronds. Maybe with a drink in my hand (one with a little umbrella) and a good book. How heavenly.

Friends, I hope you are as delighted as I am to see this:



Loopnet has the following details: The Washingtonia Resort was constructed in 1953 of concrete block and painted stucco and encompasses a 0.43 acre lot. The property is currently operating as 20 units with six small efficiencies, seven large efficiencies (including the office), four one-bedroom/one-bathroom units, two two-bedroom/one-bathroom units and one three-bedroom/one-bathroom house. Units feature ceramic tile flooring, individual hot water heaters and modern kitchens and bathrooms. Electricity, water, sewer and trash are all currently included in the rent. The property has been recently renovated and many windows have been upgraded to hurricane resistant impact glass.

I wasn’t able to find much on Bill & Ellen Olive, except in a 1953 city directory that had Ellen’s address here at the Seaside Resort Motel. I’m just glad that the place still stands.

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Bullet Journal

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Bullet Journal

It seems like everyone these days has a bullet journal. I first read about it in Buzzfeed last May. And then I started seeing them all over in Instagram and Pinterest. Touted as “The Analog System for the Digital Age” (see the details here), there have been countless articles written about the Bullet Journal, or BuJo. A lot of people use them for productivity. Some people use them as calendars. If you know me, you know I maintain a series of lists of work tasks already, and update them weekly. I also have a big House of Doolittle calendar that I buy yearly and drag with me everywhere:


Additionally, I keep my hours and a short task list of what I’ve done during the work day in an excel chart. Did I really need a third way of tracking all of this information? I mean, there are a lot of nice things about the journals. I love a nice notebook, don’t you? And I have a good sized collection of fountain pens, washi tape and different colors of inks. I often find myself scrolling back through my Instagram photos to see what I was doing or what the weather was like a year ago, but I don’t take photos every day so that’s kind of hit or miss on what I will find. Ultimately, I decided to start a Bullet Journal to track things outside of work that have meaning, and use the BuJo as a bit of a creative outlet as well.

Now, there are a million ways to set these up, and I encourage you to look around online, especially on pinterest, if you are looking for ideas. But here’s my set-up.

Monthly Goal Pages


Each month I set up a goal page. It has a tiny calendar on the top so I can see how the weeks flow, a quote about the weather or the month or something inspirational, and three boxes for tasks, joy and resolutions. The task box is stuff I need to accomplish or projects I want to get done. March is National Crochet Month, so I need to keep that in mind and make sure I have goals set for those projects. I also want to finish sewing a purse I cut out months ago. I just started working on this page for next month, so I haven’t added all of my tasks…honestly, I’m likely going to add some of the February tasks that I might not get done this month. The joy section is a small list of things I can look forward to in the upcoming month for when I’m feeling a bit blue. These are not big things, just small things that could bring a bit of daily joy (did you know a small Shamrock Shake only has 150 MG of sodium?). The resolutions aren’t really big new years resolutions, but things I resolve to do/track/work on during the month.

Monthly Tracking Log

Bullet Journal

Next to the monthly goal page I keep a monthly tracking log. The top portion are good things that I want to track (doing a great job on the daily letters!) and the bottom portion are things I don’t want to or shouldn’t do (like take ibuprofen every day). In an ideal world, at the end of the month the whole top portion would be filled in and the whole bottom portion would be blank. I don’t necessarily track the same things every month, and normally the items on my ‘resolutions’ box from the monthly goal page are in the tracker.

Weekly Spreads


Next up are my weekly spreads. I tried a number of formats before I settled on this. And every week is different…that’s where the creative outlet comes in. I try different hand-drawn fonts, or add different washi tape bits or stickers. Sometimes I try drawing something. I always put the sunrise/sunset times (right below the weekday), and the average and actual temperatures (at the bottom of the day). At the end of each day, I draw an indication of the weather…partly sunny, rain, snow, etc. I do note in the meetings I have for the week, as I now wind up taking the BuJo home to work on at night instead of dragging the calendar along. I don’t really write my task list for work, though. I also have a section where I write something I’m grateful for each day, and then there’s a small note section as well. Here’s next week’s page spread, themed for Twin Peaks Day:


Special Pages

I have a number of other special pages for things I want to track over time. There is one for my stand-up paddleboarding and one for crochet projects. I have a page for craft project ideas and a list of birthdays so I can remember to buy cards. I have a sun seeker page where I track days with some measurable sun, and a page for garden and nature observations (thunderstorm on January 17, the starlings returned to their nest on January 30). I have a page where I am keeping track of who I write to each day, so I don’t seem like a nut and write to the same person twice in a week.


There’s not much to a Bullet Journal…a notebook and a pen would work. But if you go to Michaels or follow boards on Pinterest, you’ll quickly learn that there are a ton of supplies you can use for your BuJo. Here’s what I use:

  • Rhodia notebook, dot grid, 5.5 x 8.3 inches. I have a number of Leuchtturm notebooks as well, but I find that some of the inks show some shadowing or even a bit of bleed through. The Rhodia doesn’t.
  • Pens/Ink – this is another area where I can use my fountain pens and ink. Since I first do the designs in pencil and erase after inking, it’s always helpful to test on something else if the ink will smear. The Noodler’s ink always smears no matter how long it sits. All of the black is done with Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pens (2 Pack from Amazon). They don’t smear, they don’t bleed and they have a nice bit of flex. Love them and at $8 for the set, it’s totally worth it.
  • Markers – I have the Kuretake Pocket color brush set in 12 colors. Sometimes I want more colors, but I deal with what I have.
  • Colored Pencils – I use a large Crayola set. They aren’t great, but it’s what I had and I don’t hand draw much. You could probably get a better set.
  • Washi Tape – At first, I didn’t understand it. Now, it’s an addiction. I use it on the BuJo. I use it on my envelopes for letter writing. I love it, and have many rolls in many different themes.

So that’s it. Are you thinking of starting a Bullet Journal? I’d love to hear about it!

Indian Creek Miami Beach

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Vintage Postcard – Indian Creek Miami Beach

Indian Creek Miami Beach

As magnificent hotels glow against the evening sky they reflect a festival of lights in the dark waters of Indian Creek, Miami Beach, Florida.
Color Photo by H.W. Hannau

Florida Natural Color, Inc., 101 N.W. 176th St., Miami 69, Fla.
Koppel Color Cards, Hawthorne, N.J.

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed May 24, 1963 Using a 5-cent blue Monroe stamp to Miss Florence Hertler, 1100 N. La Salle St, Chicago 10, Ill. It reads:

As it gets nearer 9:30am the slimmer the message. Sugar so good. Go to Sarasota Saturday weather accommodations meetings etc very satisfactory Love Eleanor

Kind of a cryptic message, no? But the message on the card itself is like poetry.

From Wikipedia: “Indian Creek is a partly natural and partly man-made waterway in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, United States. It starts as a man-made canal where Biscayne Bay meets Lincoln Road, and runs along Dade Boulevard, forming the boundary between South Beach and the rest of the city. At 24th street the canal opens into the natural waterway and continues north through the city past Allison Island where it opens into Biscayne Bay, till 71st Street where it merges with Normandy and Tatum Waterways and is no longer called Indian Creek.”

1100 N La Salle in Chicago is a lovely old apartment building. A one-bed, one-bath rents for $1,260 a month today. Here’s their website, if you’re interested. It does have photos of the place, and one even has a cat on the bed.

Here’s some interesting information. Florence Margaret Hertler, and her partner Alice Chellberg, were recorded as living on La Salle Street in the 1940 census. Florence was 35 and Alice was 32. They both had attended college. In fact, Florence graduated from the University of Michigan in 1928. Want to see?

Florence Hertler

That’s from her yearbook. Alice went to the University of Illinois, and she is listed as a graduate student in their yearbook; there is a group photo but I can’t seem to figure out which one she is. Alice moved in with Florence sometime between 1935 and 1940. Florence was a receptionist at a doctor’s office and Alice was a lawyer! In February 1953, the Southeast Economist published an article about a talk she was giving:

Alice Chellberg

Florence returned to Ann Arbor at some point and passed away in 1993. Alice died in 1984.

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InCoWriMo 2017

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InCoWriMo 2017

This February is International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo 2017. It’s one letter written, every day (see the details here). In January I planned to write a letter every day and only missed three days, so I thought I would join the international efforts and continue on in February. If all goes well, I will likely keep it going forward. I do a lot of handwritten thank you notes for work, and find the process relaxing. Nothing like getting a cup of coffee, a pen, nice paper and sitting down to share life.

InCoWriMo 2017

Now, I do have friends and family I write to on a somewhat regular basis. But perhaps it’s weird for them to get so many letters, and might put pressure on them to feel like they need to write back (they don’t need to!), so I picked up a few addresses for other people who are participating in InCoWriMo 2017 and am sending them letters, too including a few overseas. I’m also not limiting myself to just regular people. I’ve sent letters to my representatives, and this week penned one to the US Postmaster General (incidentally, the first ever female Postmaster General, the Honorable Megan Brennan).


I also find that writing lots of letters is a good way to use up my collection of letter-writing paraphernalia. I have a nice collection of fountain pens and ink (check out Goulet Pens), stationery and washi tape. I have a seal and glue-gun sealing wax (if you are interested, this is a great place to order from…love them!).


If you aren’t up for doing a letter every day, you should still take the opportunity to sit down and write one or two this month. There is something nice about the old-fashioned type of social media. And wouldn’t one of your loved ones enjoy opening the mailbox and getting something more than just bills and junk mail?

Tamiami Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Tamiami Motel – Bradenton, Florida

tamiami motel

Howard and Dorothy Weidman (813) 745-5511
Business Route 41 — 1715 14th Street West
Bradenton, Florida 33505
Motel Rooms, Air Conditioned — T.V. — Jiffy Coffee
Furnished One and Two Bedroom Apartments, Air Conditioned and T.V. Near Churches, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Gulf Beaches. Master Charge — BankAmericard — Diners Club Honored.

Color & Pub. by Paul Patterson, Bradenton, Florida 33505

This lovely vintage postcard, featuring the Recommended Dominion Automotive Association and Recommended Mobil Travel Guide logos was mailed using both an 8-cent purple Eisenhower USA stamp and a 2-cent blue Frank Lloyd Wright stamp. The cancellation is unclear. The Eisenhower stamp was issued 1971 – 1974, and first-class rates for mail were 10 cents. Postcard rate didn’t go up to 10 cents until 1978, but the stamp would likely not have been used at that point. Who knows. Anyhow, it was mailed to Mr & Mrs. How. Mersino, 941 Lake Drive, Oxford, Mich 48051 and reads:

Hi: stayed here over nite, best at your moms now. Having a nice time, my suitcase got lost on the fees [?], so I’m wearing man’s clothes, washed my feet in the gulf last nite Love Mom.

Ok, how can you not LOVE that message. Mom lost her suitcase and is wearing men’s clothing now. But she is still having a nice time!

I have a card with another motel called the Tamiami, but not from Bradenton. Wikipedia notes: “the Tamiami Trail is the southernmost 275 miles (443 km) of U.S. Highway 41 (US 41) from Florida State Road 60 (SR 60) in Tampa to US 1 in Miami.” Bradenton is on the west coast, the north/south portion of the Tamiami.

In May 2016, the Bradenton Herald published an article that included “A developer has qualified for tax credits through the Florida Housing Assistance Corp. to possibly to turn more than 3 vacant acres along 14th Street West into housing for senior citizens. The 3.61 acres at 1715 14th St. W. is adjacent to the United Way and has long been vacant and a hub of homeless activity. According to plans, the developer wants to build a 72-unit facility called the Grand Palms.” Who knows how long ago the motel was torn down.

It looks like Howard Mersino passed away in 2002. The house at 941 Lake Drive, where this postcard was delivered, still stands (Google Street View):

941Lake Drive


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February Update

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February Update

After sporadic posting altogether, and only postcards in months, it is time for a February Update. One of my goals is to post two times a week in February, so you should be seeing a few update posts not related to postcards in addition to the regular postcard posts.

Now that we are past Groundhog Day, we have 45 days until the official start of spring. We have not seen much sun lately, and February is supposed to be a bit colder than average. The starlings at the shelter did return to the nest earlier in the week, which is a good sign. We have one robin sticking around, but I saw him in December so I am thinking he just lives here year-round. Still, I have heard the male chickadees singing their spring song a few times. I am still hoping I can be out on the paddle board April 1, but that may be a bit early.

Monterey Motel & Apartments

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Vintage Postcard – Monterey Motel & Apartments

Monterey Motel

50 Somerset Street
Clearwater  Beach, Florida 33515
Phone 446-9223 (Area 813)
Deluxe efficiencies and one-bedroom apartments. T.V., Central heating and air-conditioning. A block to beach, stores, restaurants, city bus and all conveniences. Off street parking.
Your hosts – Nancy & Jack (owner-mgrs.)

PostCard by Ward Beckett & Co. Clearwater, FLA.
Koppel Color Cards

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed using a 6-cent Franklin D. Roosevelt stamp in 1970 to Miss Florence Hertler, 1100 N Dearborn, Chicago, Ill 60610. It reads:

Having a nice time and the weather is just great. Am here for just a few days. We’ll be back Monday April 20th. 

O.M.G. What’s not to love about this card. Yes, there’s the big colorful umbrella. But wait, the person off to the side is shading with a little rain umbrella! There’s an old lady sunning herself in a dress and a shirtless man in blue swim trunks. I know you would like to sit down in that chair across from them and ask them where they are from. What caused them to move from wherever and live in the apartment or efficiency unit in Clearwater Beach? That is a building that looks like it could withstand a hurricane. The parking blocks are so white! Do you suppose Nancy weeds the flowers under the sign, and Jack cuts the grass? Oh, how lovely.

My friends, I am about to make your day:

montery today

There’s a pool now where the bit of grass used to be. The sign is gone. But it still stands. This whole street appears to be a bunch of old motels or apartments that are now condos. I can’t seem to find any information on Zillow, etc. about this exact location. I am just happy to know it is still standing and looking good, though. Maybe even better than in the postcard.

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Southwind Motel Ocala

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Vintage Postcard – Southwind Motel Ocala

Southwind Motel Ocala

Located on U.S. 27 – 441 – 301
Two miles south of Ocala, Florida
20 units, 200 feet off the highway. Outdoor living — Pool — Play and Recreation area. Pets welcome. 2401 South Dixie Highway. Phone MArion 2-6461. Under management of Esther and T.O. Eaton.

New Color Card Technique, R.A. Lasater, Apopla, Fla.

This lovely vintage card, which features the AAA logo, is unused. Someone has used a typewriter to put the following message on it: $6.00, double bed. That seems like a heck of a rate! No date on the card and I can’t quite make out the make of the car, but those types of phone exchanges were phased out by the 1960s. The convention for this one is the 2L-5N format, which was implemented in the late 1940s. The decorative holes in the sign pylon suggest a mid-century modern or Googie feel. I’d place this card in the mid-50s. I can’t find a listing for Ester or T.O. on Ancestry.

I really like this card. Love the pool. The motel looks quaint. Nice neon sign. I’d stay there.

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