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Today was such a Monday. Instead of anything thoughtful to say, I’m posting a bunch of pictures from the last week.

So. We made it through last week with the big event at Southern Exposure. In fact, we beat our goal and blew last year’s totals out of the water.

Southern Exposure Herb Farm

This summer Mom grew peperoncinis. And I pickled them. We’ll see how they turn out. Next time, I will pack the jars. I mean, I thought I had packed the jars. But you need to really, really pack them.


Here is Maxy, looking especially handsome in his walking jacket.

Maxy Cat

I’ve been shooting photos of the L. Coville barn on C Drive for years. Here, as it was in October 2007:


And here, September 2013:

L Coville Barn

On Friday, Mom and I went up to Lansing to clean up the cemeteries. First, we went to Elderly Instruments. They put a strap peg in the neck of my guitar for no charge (I purchased the guitar from them a year ago). They did it right while we waited/shopped. I love Elderly. You should go!

Roma Bakery

Then we went to the Roma Bakery to get lunch to go.


The food is amazing.

Roma Bakery

The weather was much better for the clean up this year, compared to the planting in the spring. Mt. Hope:

Mt Hope Cemetery

And Evergreen:

Evergreen Cemetery

Sunday I had a funeral visitation to go to in the evening. When I got home, we took Maxy on a walk and heard this immense pounding noise in the maple. After putting Maxy indoors and fetching the binoculars and camera, we found that we had a pileated woodpecker in the yard!

pileated woodpecker

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’m working on my attitude.

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