Dog Training Squeaks

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Sewing for Dogs – Dog Training Squeaks

dog training squeaks

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a sewing project. This one is very quick and easy – dog training squeaks! At the shelter where I work, we do all positive-based training. Getting the attention of a dog and having it follow a specific behavior you’d like is easy if you have a bait bag (see project here), training squeaks and some patience. You can buy fancy squeaks or clickers at a pet store, but it’s so easy and cheap to make them yourself. First, you’ll need the squeak bit:

dog training squeaks

I got these on amazon (20 for $8, here).

dog training squeaks

I had some leftover (cat-themed) fleece from another project (bench covers for a large cat play pen. really.). I cut the fabric to fit, folded it on the half and sewed a curved line with a zigzag stitch. I finished off the edge with pinking shears as the fleece won’t fray. Some dogs really like chewing on a squeak, so it’s always good to have extras. And squeaks are FANTASTIC to get a pet’s attention when you want to take their photo. I keep a squeak in my purse and in each coat pocket. Also, think you don’t have a need for these if you have a cat? Think again! You can totally train your cat. Here are a few of my favorite cat training videos:

If you’ve trained your pet to do cute things via positive training techniques, post the link in the comments!

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Lowe’s Kitty Litter

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Lowe's Kitty Litter

Lowe’s Kitty Litter vintage ad from the September 1957 Home and Garden magazine.

Edward ‘Ed’ Lowe (July 10, 1920 – October 4, 1995) was the inventor of kitty litter. From Wikipedia:

“Before Lowe’s invention, people kept their cats outside, using ashes, dirt or sand as cat litter when it was necessary to keep them inside. One day in January 1947, Mrs. Draper, Edward Lowe’s neighbor in Cassopolis, Michigan, came to him asking for some sand to use as cat litter. Her sand pile was frozen so she had been using ashes but they tracked all over her house. Instead of sand, Lowe gave her some clay called Fuller’s Earth, a set of clay minerals capable of absorbing their weight in water. She found it worked far better than sand or ashes.

The product eventually became Tidy Cat, which is currently owned by Purina.

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Feline Friday

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It’s super-cold outside, friends. Better put on another sweater. Here’s Maxy, wearing his.

Just finished my latest crochet project, a cat sweater, using free pattern Phoebe’s Favorite Cat Sweater found here. It’s a little small, even for some of the smaller cats. I’d make a few adjustments to the pattern next time I make it, but it really is cute and again it’s free. It also leaves the front arms open, which some cats prefer.


They are still predicting the second week of March will be a little warmer, with temperatures finally above the freezing point, but I’m not holding my breath.


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Cats in Hats

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Okay, it’s really cats in one hat. Single crochet, pompom ball on top, ear holes.
Maxy wears the hat.


Rusty wears the hat.


Tiago wears the hat.


Whiskers wears the hat.


Zariah wears the hat.

Bet they will be even more excited when I finish the cat sweater!


We got something like 18 inches of snow yesterday. Getting to work was a challenge and required swapping my car for the truck downtown. It was very sunny, but very cold (high of 13).


They’ve pushed the first day at 40 back to February 25 with most days being near ten degrees colder than the historical average. Of course, that could change. But even so, we are at Groundhog Day and the halfway point between the winter and spring solstice.

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Turbo Kitty

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It’s the first Monday of the new year! And it’s very cold (today’s high is 10 degrees. Today’s low is 9 degrees). In fact, the rest of the week doesn’t look so hot, either:



It’s enough to make you want to crawl into bed and stay until May.


Today’s kitty is Turbo. He was born in September 2013. He was found as a stray and is very sweet. He loves to groom the other cats in the room.