Bluebeards Castle

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Vintage Postcard – Bluebeards Castle Hotel

Bluebeards Castle Hotel

View from poolside
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

(c) Hannau-Robinson Color Productions, Inc., 605 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, Fla.

This postcard was mailed (stamp removed) to Miss Catherine Robbins, 231 Washington St, Riverside, N.J. It reads:


Dear Catherine,
Survived my plane trip. Hope it is as good going home. Still like the good old Atlantic ocean. See you soon.
Love, Dorothy

Dorothy, I completely understand. The worst part about travel (aside from the fear of bed bugs) is the plane trip. I hate to fly. And it is So. Less. Glamorous. Travel in 1967 had to be better than the security and mess of today’s modern flight. Mind you, I have no objections to appropriate screening. I hate the lines and the delays and the people stacked up behind you while you desperately try to gather your belongings from the gray bins and put on your shoes while standing. Horrid stuff.

But back to the topic at hand…Bluebeards Castle Hotel (no apostrophe, thank you very much). It is still in business (and today likes to use the apostrophe, Bluebeard’s). It gets good reviews. If you scroll through the traveler photos on Trip Advisor, you’ll see some matches with the pool, although I think it looked a little more glamorous in my card. If I could teleport myself back in time to the exact location, and out of Michigan’s cold November, I would in a heartbeat. I’ll take one of those drinks with the little umbrella in it, thanks.


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